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luka11844 years ago
Hey, Adam, it's me Lukas :D

Wauv, you really do have some super-duper-übber cool instructables!

Now we just wanna know how to make Bitey wooden figurines :P
Firebert0108 years ago
Holy wow, you're Adam Phillips! I love your work, big Newgrounds fan here!
chluaid (author)  Firebert0108 years ago
Thanks! Glad you like my stuff :D
 wait... whos adam phillips
ohhhhh, you made those? ithought so. u amaze...
 holy wow?
Mattrox6 years ago
I'm planning on building a new airgun and I was wanting to get some help  on its design, so I'll explain what I'm planning on doing. Ok first please look at the picture, Now I fill the main tank and  valve-1 stops air getting into the Firing tank. Valve-1 is linked to the bolt action mechinism so that when the bolt is opened the valve is opened when it's closed the valve is closed. So I Open the bolt to put the bullet in and  the firing tank is filled with air, I close the bolt and it closes valve-1 so the main tank is blocked off , then I open valve-2 to to fire. This way you get multiple shots.
The picture is useless so the valve closes to the right is valve-1, The one closest to the left is valve-2. The smallest chamber is the Firing Chamber, The biggest The Main Chamber.

i hear australia has tight gun laws... can you guys get airsoft or bb guns?
chluaid (author)  AnarchistAsian7 years ago
You can get BB guns but you need a proper shooter's license. You're more likely to be approved for a shooter's license if you live on a farm but it certainly wouldn't be granted to a city-dwelling airgun enthusiast :D Even slingshots are illegal here.. strange thing is that you legally buy the ammo and slingshot rubber, but not the frame. If you even tried to import an Airsoft gun into Australia by buying it online, I think you'd have the cops on your doorstep soon enough.
lol, that's too bad... although that would cut down on the crime ALOT......
kraM8 years ago
soo cool the creator of the brackenwoon series is a memebr of my favoriate web site! great job on the air valve i'm thinking about scaleing it up for larger applications.
Mattrox8 years ago
thanx for joing my group mattrox
chluaid (author)  Mattrox8 years ago
no problem! It's a cool group :)
Mattrox chluaid8 years ago
dude waterlollies was absolutely amazing I am so glad to have my favorite flash maker on my favorite web sight