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As you can see I used a 4 x 4 as the back bone which I chiseled out a spot for the coupler.
chobbs1957 (author)  familymulcahy3 years ago
Great job! I like the bigger wheels, the 4x4 main running gear, and, of course, the coupler!

Do you know how much you have in materials?
Materials is approximate... wood was $103 ( I used deck boards), coupler and ball $15 from harbor freight, screws both sizes you said about $40 (used deck screws), wheels $40 each but had a coupon so they only cost $15 each they are wheelbarrow tires max load 1000lbs +/-. I used those tires because they have the dual bearing. Same Axel you used but I used u-bolts instead. Axel was free from a friend, u-bolts like $10-15. Rafter ties and stuff about $20-25.
So just trailer no attachments, about $200-220