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М.К1 year ago

Good afternoon! It is like a luminous cube !! Can I buy a set for self-assembly or complete turnkey cube?

Thank you!!

Nice article on Micro controllers and LEDs

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Sounds good. Thanks for following me.

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I love the information posted here.. Great instructable. Thank you .

danialbell52 years ago

USB Controlled home automation its a great contribution to home appliances. Great instructables.

Blade1228882 years ago

I built your 8x8x8 LED cube, and it works AMAZING (All my friends at work love it! Thank you!) However, I would like to play around with the code, but I cannot locate the source files (main.c and main.eep). Could you let me know where I can get a copy? Thank you!

temi2 years ago

i need a led cube 4x4x4 hex or bin file .

user08152 years ago


I' ve realize the the layer-control of my 8x8x8-cube very simple. I use the HIGH-active Decoder 74HC238,( 3 layer-bits Input, direct from the ATMEGA32 ) and the 8 high-active outputs controls direct, without resistors, the Basis of theTransistor BUZ11, it switches the leds per activ layer to the ground.

It works :-)

swish19p2 years ago
Hi, CHR I have made cube from your instructions. I have used ULN2803 darlington IC instead of transistors and cube is working fine.
rex193 years ago
I trid To program the cube white hex file & eepron.eep file
with usbtiny + winavr and i had an error
Can you please tell me what Im doing wrong?

You need to give much more detail.
It's like saying "I used my key, but the car didn't start...what's wrong?"
The more information you give, the more likely someone can help.
jsmith2583 years ago
Hey Chr! Love the 4x4x4 cube! However, I use the Arduino IDE for programming, not avrdude. Will your code still work, or do you have a translation? Thanks!
The Arduino IDE doesn't work with the ATmega32. If you are going to use the Arduino to control the cube, then yes, absolutely no problem. 1 suggestion - if you are going to use the Arduino to control the cube, build your controller board with the transistors on it. If you want to use the ATmega32, then I highly recommend using AVRDude. There's a cool GUI for it called AVRDudesse - it makes life a lot easier! Just keep an eye on those "set fuse" check boxes. Other than that, it's quite easy to use. I made a separate controller with transistors allowing me to make both an ATmega32 and an ATmega328 controller board.