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temi4 months ago

i need a led cube 4x4x4 hex or bin file .

user08155 months ago


I' ve realize the the layer-control of my 8x8x8-cube very simple. I use the HIGH-active Decoder 74HC238,( 3 layer-bits Input, direct from the ATMEGA32 ) and the 8 high-active outputs controls direct, without resistors, the Basis of theTransistor BUZ11, it switches the leds per activ layer to the ground.

It works :-)

swish19p7 months ago
Hi, CHR I have made cube from your instructions. I have used ULN2803 darlington IC instead of transistors and cube is working fine.
rex191 year ago
I trid To program the cube white hex file & eepron.eep file
with usbtiny + winavr and i had an error
Can you please tell me what Im doing wrong?

You need to give much more detail.
It's like saying "I used my key, but the car didn't start...what's wrong?"
The more information you give, the more likely someone can help.
jsmith2581 year ago
Hey Chr! Love the 4x4x4 cube! However, I use the Arduino IDE for programming, not avrdude. Will your code still work, or do you have a translation? Thanks!
The Arduino IDE doesn't work with the ATmega32. If you are going to use the Arduino to control the cube, then yes, absolutely no problem. 1 suggestion - if you are going to use the Arduino to control the cube, build your controller board with the transistors on it. If you want to use the ATmega32, then I highly recommend using AVRDude. There's a cool GUI for it called AVRDudesse - it makes life a lot easier! Just keep an eye on those "set fuse" check boxes. Other than that, it's quite easy to use. I made a separate controller with transistors allowing me to make both an ATmega32 and an ATmega328 controller board.
omid-el1 year ago
hi,i've made my big cube(8*8*8) and it has some problems
how can i amplify it by 12v or output layer selection?
please help
Hi chr!
I've sent you a private message a couple of days ago. Could you, please, check it out?
Thank you!
dombeef3 years ago
Wow, you are almost at 1,000,000 views!
can u pls say that how to fuse the microcontroller?
Hi Chr, my name is Nadia I live in Portugal and I need to build this led cube for my final project. I can't open all files with extension: .gz and .sch, please send me these files in other format ( e.g: pdf or doc).
Can you send me the kit of materials needed for this project? If yes, I need to know the delivery cost, please.
Thank U

PS.: Sorry for my bad english.
avnds73 years ago
hey chr...tats an awesome 8x8x8 cube....i want to build one...can u please send the code for the animation u have displayed on the cube!
plz mail it to
thank u
guusberens3 years ago
Hi Chr!
I like led cube 8x8x8 project. I have a question about the schedule. What is the AVR ISP from the avr_board schedule?
Thank you!
meeblek3 years ago


Great instructable! I have almost all of the parts on their way to me, except the 74HC547s. I have searched everywhere on the internet and cannot find a supplier aside from sketchy sites that want me to send an RFQ for 2300 units. Futurlec does not stock them. Do you have a supplier or a alternative you can suggest to me?