• chr0001 commented on solobo's instructable Rope Swing with Monkey's Fist7 months ago
    Rope Swing with Monkey's Fist

    geesh..... bravo to all who came to the rescue of Solobo. I know it's 3 years old, but : Nice instructable! The monkey fist is a beautiful knot, the swing is awesome and well executed!Anyone prone to a coronary about drilling a hole in a live tree should take a moment to just swing on your creation and lower their blood pressure. I 'fixed' a young Japanese Maple similarly after an overzealous 8 year old vigorously climbed it and split the narrow crotch almost 2 feet down to the root ball. I drilled the trunk, screwed it together with-3- 3 inch brass screws and never thought of it again. To this day the tree is healed, healthy, much larger, beautiful, and there is no sign of the repair visible. And oh.... almost forgot - the overzealous 8 year old is now working on his Master's degree.

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