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Dear Chris, My name is Kyle Loomis and I understand that you like to build Tesla Coils and that you are making one. It seems that you need some help on building yours. Although I am not perfect I may be able to help. You seem like a nice person and we have some of the same interests. I like building Tesla Coils and you like to build Tesla Coils. Although I live in Avon, Ohio and you live in Salem, Oregon. I think that it would be nice to put our heads together and trade ideas. If you are interested in this feel free to contact me. My Email Address is jtmotz@hotmail.com
He is getting by just fine on his own.
We're actually collaborating on his Tesla Coil Instructable, and I have already built a small Tesla Coil, and I am now working on a larger one. Chris and I together are working on plans for a Solid State Tesla Coil, and have bigger plans for that itself.
You already built one? SWEET! I'll be looking forward to that Instructable
Yeah, you could say so. It's coming soon, I promise...
That's great!

Good luck mate.
Thanks lol.

In that text it looks like "Good luck male."

I thought is said that too, I had to make sure it said what I wanted it to say....
Haha yeah you have to be kinda careful lol
I know lol

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