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  • chrismicro305 made the instructable my small transformer1 year ago
    my small transformer

    Your transformer design is wrong. You need to wind both your coils en the center of the core and not on the outside. The way you winded it, it will never work, because the flux generated by the primary coil get lost in the center of your core and cant reach the secondary coil. You can wind the coils side by side or on top of each other. Then you need an AC supply connected to the primary and you will get AC out at the secondary. To drive the DC motor you need to connect a bridge rectifier in the AC output and a smoothing capacitor of about 3000 micro Farad between your positive and genitive. A good idea is to give your primary coil a center tap, that way you can use a two transistor oscillator to generate AC from any DC supply.

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  • Setting Up the Perfect Electronics Workplace

    Only problem, it is too neat, it should look like Einstein's desk. Work and tools scattered all over the desk and you alone know where everything is. Only a clear spot in front of you, big enough for the current job with a conductive mat and a wrist strap for handling sensitive components.

    If I can't find the tool right in front of me I call my wife and she do the lift and look procedure and normally find it that way LOL.

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