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cwix094 years ago

I was looking through your ible and was interested in the casting part. I was disappointed when you said you sent it off to be cast but you wrote that you do do your own gold and silver castings. Could you do an ible on casting too? that would be great! If not any tips on how to get started would be awesome!

Thank you!

TJ Nix7 years ago
Hey great job on the platinum diamond engagement ring, I want to make my girlfriend her engagement ring out of silver, any way you could tell me what I would need to do this in my own home? thank you very much - Nix
PtGuru7 years ago
Well done. Be sure to cast Pt950/Ruthenium if you can. The Pt950/Iridium is way too soft and your ring will deform and scratch rapidly. cheers Jurgen