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hore6 years ago
there something, i would like to ask you, desoldering iron that you use to make hot air, how hot is  the air, that desoldering iron release.is it hot as like soldering iron.the reason, im asking you here, because i never use that desoldering iron, so, since you have using it.hope you can answer this for me. thank you. 
hore6 years ago
well what type soldering iron nyou mentioned man.if you want o build hotair that was good desoldering iron. for heat, add more copperwire,  if you ever make hot air charper instructables, npleseashare the result with me ok. thanks for your reply. 
hore6 years ago
have you make diy hot air soldering iron(charper post),the reason why im asking , does it work, for you. i try to make this with cheap soldering iron, i blow 3 . so, that is why im asking people.i really appreciate, if you can reply this.
cirano (author)  hore6 years ago
I did, but not the one that Charper made. I ended up getting adesoldering gun (looking like a soldering iron, but has a desolderingrubber bulb attached to it, with the nozzle that is at right angles tothe main heating element) and modifying that instead. I couldn't get itto go hot enough to actually use it as a hot air soldering iron.

But I guess the error was on my side, I wasn't trying to use it withsoldering paste, I tried it with regular solder (the wire kind) and itdidn't work too well. I have a feeling it would have functioned betterwith the solder paste.