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  • ckoehler1904 commented on calligator's instructable Kjötsúpa (Icelandic Lamb Soup)8 months ago
    Kjötsúpa (Icelandic Lamb Soup)

    This past May I had that same Icelandic soup at that same restaurant at Geiser. Thanks much for sharing the recipe - It's very good!

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  • ckoehler1904 commented on Swansong's instructable Cheesy Football Dip1 year ago
    Cheesy Football Dip

    Looks VERY tasty - thanks for posting. The only major caveat is to make sure to NEVER pour any kind of grease down the drain. My dad was a plumber for over 50 years and he made a sizable percentage of his annual earnings directly or indirectly clearing drains which were clogged by people pouring grease-containing liquids down the drain. Even if the liquids are very hot when poured, they will eventually cool as they make their way down the plumbing stack, creating an endless source of jobs for plumbers and an endless source of bills and grief for home owners. Better to drain greasy liquids into empty tin cans instead and dispose properly in the trash...or as your municipality/country recommends. Cheers and enjoy your beefy and cheesy dip!

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  • Reuse your pickle juice! Almost free refrigerator pickles! Fast and easy DIY!

    I've tried this with Bread and Butter pickle juice and peeled and seeded cucumber "spears". They turned out great after only 48 hours in the refrigerator. Highly recommended and a great way to save money while enjoying pickles!.

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