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A materials scientist gone electrical engineer my hobbies include experimenting with electronics and making fun and interesting things. I rarely know what I'm doing when I start a project, but learning new skills is what it's all about.


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  • cmonaco3 commented on cmonaco3's instructable Custom Coffee Table Ottoman9 months ago
    Custom Coffee Table Ottoman

    I believe it was 6 inches.

    Thank you very much!I believe it will support vertical loads just fine as the MDF cushion backer sits on the bottom frame all the way around it's perimeter. It may be a little weak latterally, but it's rarely ever sat on so there hasn't been any issues so far. Re-enforcing the joint between the two pieces would prbobaly be pretty easy if it became a prioblem.

    Probably as easy as just attaching a large piano hinge to the MDF cushion backer and to one side of the top frame. Some additional hardware to limit range of motion may also be needed.

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