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  • cmugrick commented on Aperition's instructable Make A Candle From Cheese 10 months ago
    Make A Candle From Cheese

    Your candle would make a great campfire starter. Make your fire lay with tinder, dry pine needles, small twigs, and such. Stick your candle into the middle of the fire lay and light it. Once it is lit, it should last long enough to start your campfire. It would be great even if the wood were wet. Once the fire is going, just add more sticks and wood. If you eat a lot of this cheese, put the wax into a cardboard egg carton. Cut the egg cups into pairs. When you are ready to start your fire, just light off the cardboard. You might want to try packing some dryer lint in and around the wax. A set of 4 egg cups could easily start a charcoal grill. I can smell the chicken cooking as we speak.

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