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March 16, 2016
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  • cmwpdx commented on Phil B's instructable You Can Do THAT with a KIndle Touch?7 months ago
    You Can Do THAT with a KIndle Touch?

    Hi Phil nice post. A limiting factor of Kindles is their software's inability to read EPUB format books, the open source format used by Nook, Sony, Kobo etc. But there are at least three workarounds if you have an EPUB file you would like to read on a Kindle.First, as others have noted, EPUBs can be converted to MOBI format (Kindle's native format) using Calibre in Windows. Calibre can be set to mail the converted file to the Kindle via Wispersync email.Second, there's an extension program called Kindle Unified App Launcher (KUAL) hosted on another site, that allows for the Kindle to read EPUBS natively, with all kinds of other extra functions. KUAL is pretty easy to install and runs just like a document.Third, the web site Sendepubtokindle.com will convert an EPUB to MOBI in the cloud and email it to your Kindle. I've had a few ereaders over the years (I too moved up from a Palm) and have settled on a Kindle Touch for the Amazon ecosystem, and a used Sony PRS-T1. The Sony runs on an Android base, and with some effort it was possible to root it and install Android Apps, including an internet radio app. Still trying to figure out how to stream internet stations on the Kindle.A warning for those considering more recent Kindles--while the Paperwhite built-in light is great, Amazon dropped sound support some years ago. I believe the Touch and Kindle Keyboard were the last models with this feature.Again, thanks for your post.

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