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  • cnaughtin commented on kludge77's instructable Secret Wood Rings DIY1 week ago
    Secret Wood Rings DIY

    Any strong base or acid, and a lot of other stuff. I think Boric Acid is used to dissolve stumps, for example. I don't know enough to safely be more specific, but there is a LOT of information out there on partial and complete dissolution of wood - from slow, clean, and safe to fast, toxic, and dangerous.

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  • The easiest and cheapest Band Saw Circle Jig!

    The ability to initially slide the blank into the cut is a great detail I have never thought of in the many circle jigs I have built over the years. I will make a 24" version of this, but I want infinite selection of circle size. I think I will add a second layer to the jig - allowing the center groove to slide left to right. A bit more complicated, but infinite diameter selection from around 1/2" to 48" would be great!

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  • cnaughtin commented on kludge77's instructable Secret Wood Rings DIY2 months ago
    Secret Wood Rings DIY

    Good idea - I have done another version of what you are describing is to char the wood with a torch and then sandblasting or wire brushing away the burnt parts. It takes away the softer and/or burned wood - leaving the harder wood revealed and adding some contrast from the burning. A combo of splintering / sand blasting / burning might be worth some experimenting. Also, I have less experience with the next idea - using a product to partially dissolve some of the wood structure (lignin versus cellulose, I believe). You can get some really cool lacy / organic looks, and the epoxy would stabilize the delicate wood.

    The author states in the description that bubbles are desirable in this instance. They add a nice detail to the result - a little like stars.

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  • cnaughtin commented on Tiger Island Handyman's instructable Miter Saw Workbench5 months ago
    Miter Saw Workbench

    This looks great!There is one addition that I would highly recommend. On my saw bench, I built a open top drawer that is slightly wider and deeper than the saw table and about 6" deep. Cut some holes in the deck that supports the feet of the saw. Make them large enough that most small off cuts can fall into the drawer. This allows the majority of sawdust and off cuts to fall into the drawer, making cleanup MUCH easier. Just pull it out and empty it.You can also add a sliding panel near the front of the drawer bottom. Pull the drawer part way out, put a trash can under the panel, slide the panel open, and scrape the waste into the trash.

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  • cnaughtin commented on NightHawkInLight's instructable Plasma Cutter From an Arc Lighter6 months ago
    Plasma Cutter From an Arc Lighter

    Very cool! As an aside, when drilling small pieces of glass it's easier to simply place it in a pan or bowl. Fill it to just cover the glass, and drill baby, drill!

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  • How To: Make a Steel Violin (BODY)

    Wonderful! Is it possible to post an audio file of how it sounds? Or at least a video with sound?

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  • cnaughtin commented on SpecificLove's instructable 8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool7 months ago
    8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool

    I agree! I use it a lot, but I HATE the feel of it. The texture is like nails on a chalkboard.

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  • cnaughtin commented on Gregarious's instructable Enhanced DeWalt Drill Before And After7 months ago
    Enhanced DeWalt Drill Before And After

    Great job!!! One suggestion - I add lights to almost all my tools - I never realized what a huge difference it makes! I have discovered that a single light will often cast a distracting shadow where the bit touches the surface being drilled. I use three lights in a triangle pattern around the barrel, casting a much more even field of light, with no shadows. Dewalt is already doing this on a few of its impact drivers, I noticed. I also added a ring of lights around the bit collet on my hand router - it makes cutting tricky mortises infinitely easier!

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  • D.I.Y Ultra Quiet Shop compressor from a refrigerator motor (compressor)

    This is a WONDERFUL idea for a home shop or small parts shop. I need one badly! This needs to be commercially made.

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  • cnaughtin commented on kastan_official's instructable kaSTAN - Your friendly Beer Box7 months ago
    kaSTAN - Your friendly Beer Box

    This needs a better explanation up front about what it is and what it does.

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  • cnaughtin commented on deba168's instructable Make 4 Useful Things From 9V Dead Battery7 months ago
    Make 4 Useful Things From 9V Dead Battery

    I just spewed a minute amount of my beverage when I read this. Thank goodness I had a spare 9 volt handy.

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  • cnaughtin commented on ThomasJ1's instructable Simple Vault Mechanism7 months ago
    Simple Vault Mechanism

    Wonderful 'ible!!! One comment - the side walls of the peg slots look awfully thin. The quantity of operating cycles this item would experience in its lifetime might be so small that it wouldn't matter, but simply doubling the thickness would make a huge difference for potential wear problems and would make it appear a bit more solid. Operation cycles could be surprisingly high if it had a long lifetime.

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