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  • cnoyb commented on Beetlesmart's instructable Bleeding Puppy Cake Fail8 months ago
    Bleeding Puppy Cake Fail

    It was an armadillo, lol. Everyone except for the "steel magnolias" loved the cake! "Nothin' like a good piece of a$$" as Drum said when he got his slice, lol!!!

    That's what Drum said in "Steel Magnolias" when he got the butt end of the red velvet armadillo groom's cake!

    I think it looked really good & those kids like like wusses. Red velvet seems to be more of an acquired adult thing - think about all those overpriced red velvet cupcakes that were sold during the cupcake craze a few years ago - so maybe that also made a difference to those kids? Did you ever see "Steel Magnolias"? The groom's aunt made a red velvet armadillo "groom's cake" & the ladies also referred to it as being hacked up & bleeding, lol. But seriously, I think it looks good & those kids missed out on a good cake. Would cutting into it being a yellow cake been oh so much better? Not really. Keep up the good work!

    Your kids must be really sheltered delicate little flowers.

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