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  • colin55 commented on DrewPaulDesigns's instructable Easy Tesla Coil!4 months ago
    Easy Tesla Coil!

    I would sell the electronics for a kit like this for about $15.00. I would also provide a printed circuit board and sheets of clear mylar to make the former. Any gauge of wire can be used (0.25mm or 0.5mm) and three turns of hook-up flex. Colin Mitchell Talking

    Look on eBay and you will find the exact same set of components for $12.00 including shipping. Some of the kits are much better than others. Some have a Printed Circuit board and a very large heatsink for $12.00 and some have a box. A box is not necessary and there is no reasoning why the turns have to be accurately aligned. A slight amount of jumble winding will not make any difference. If you look at the end of the plastic tube you will see it has been "parted" and thus I am inferring the items have come from a kit.

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  • colin55 commented on Tumbleweed.'s instructable EM-483 Specifications10 months ago
    EM-483 Specifications

    The waveform on coil B during the 8th transition should have a line (a return) to the the 0v rail to "close-off" (finish) the actual waveform.

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  • colin55 commented on amgworkshop's instructable 1 transistor FM spybug1 year ago
    1 transistor FM spybug

    C2 is 10p and not 10nC3 is 15p and not 15n The battery symbol is up-side-downYou don't have any capacitor across the battery. Should be 22nThe 4k7 should be 10k to 22k The circuit has too much inductance and too little capacitance in the tank circuit. The inductance should be 5 or 6 turns and the capacitance should be 47p. See properly designed BUG circuits on Talking website.

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