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www1397 months ago

Thanks for the sub!!

Sorunome1 year ago
hey, do you have skype?
Thanks for sub!
collinjo12 (author)  dickheijboer1 year ago
No prob! Thank YOU for subbing to me too! Never thought you'd join Instructables. I looked at your Roundabout 'Ible, it was cool. One suggestion I have is include more detail, especially that new element, as well as your other machines.
Haha....No problem..XD
I will do it in the future but one thing I always want is that the balls never fall off the track so....
(I know my English is real bad because I from Holland :D)
jameshond2 years ago
thanks for subscribing
Thanks for subscribing!
sathothy3 years ago
Thanks for the sub! Why did you subbed to me actually? I havent made any intstructables.
collinjo12 (author)  sathothy3 years ago
I'm excited about your current ball machine, just like you subscribe to me. You never know what you'll actually do in the future. Like making Instructables.
Thanks for Subbing!
KneXtreme3 years ago
Thanks for subbing :)
martijnb953 years ago
thanks for sub :)
Sorunome3 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! What made you to?