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  • Automatic Sunrise Timelapse | DSLR (Canon EOS 700D)

    Ah yes, I do have the micro usb...thought you were talking about a regular USB plugin hehe

    Thanks for showing me the CHDK, I'm new to Photography. Is there a way to add a camera on/off class into the CHDK code? Like I want my camera to be off, and then set a timer for it to turn on (all internally on the camera).

    Ah ok, so my on/off class won;t work because the camera won't be on to even load the new firmware. Does the firmware stay on if it goes into sleep mode? And is their a large difference in battery drain in sleepmode vs. camera off?

    Haha yep :p And how would the USB thing work? I don't think my camera has a USB port

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  • Automatic Sunrise Timelapse | DSLR (Canon EOS 700D)

    I made this to save maximum battery, so the camera is off, and then one servo turns the camera on (for the 700D the on/off is on the Mode Dial), and the other servo turns the intervalometer on. In this version of my build, the Mode Dial 'wrench' is too tight on the Mode Dial so it changes the mode + turns the camera on/off. I compensate for this by moving my mode dial 1 mode behind before I go to bed. Here is a video walkthrough that I just finished uploading: And is it efficient to use standby mode? What is the battery drain on standby mode vs camera off? [I'm new to photography]

    Yeah it was the only way I could think of doing it. One of the hard problems to solve is Turning the Camera On/Off. I couldn't find out how to do it with Software, so I did it with hardware. Will look into solving that with software soon

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