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dukel1922 months ago

Helle Cosma!

project. I was wandering if I could also use the following ESC: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__8993__HobbyKing_174_8482_Brushless_Car_ESC_100A_w_Reverse_Upgrade_version_.html

This would
make it a lot cheaper, I’m thinking about using a bigger battery pack so I can
drive longer.

Thanks for
your instructable!

NickH1083 months ago

Hello! I am looking to make an electric longboard and I have managed to get my hands on a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-149kv Brushless Outrunner Motor and I want to make sure I order the rest of the parts correctly. What kind of esc do I need? Batteries? And basically everything else. I am just not sure if buying a different motor changes all of the other parts you have to buy. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Wagner5710 months ago

Hey, i'm using your electric longboard instuctable for my SIP (Student Inquiry Project) for school (ASMS) and i need to know all the tools you had used to make your longboard. please reply ASAP!!! (:

Best31 year ago

***E Longboard***

Hey, this is rly nice. Thx :)
I Build my own diy e board, with a different Motor.

Ive the same battary. Everything work great, but only for 10 min :(
u help me pls? Need i more battery power? I want build it for Long
distance (2-3 hour to drive and charging for 1-2 hour) it is possible?

thwhite241 year ago

I have a question about the electric longboard tutorial, I am planning on doubling everything so it's two wheel drive. I was wondering if 1 ESC could handle 4 batteries?

it depends on what your going for. You can get 4 batteries and get double the range(mwh). Or you can put them in series to get higher voltage and a faster top speed. The motor/esc you get will have ratings on what they will use/allow.

AnnK11 year ago

Holy wow! You're 15 but you sound so mature and you're so cool!!! I'm 14 and I suck :(

comsa42 (author)  AnnK11 year ago

Never give up man.

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