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  • What is the point of ironing your clothes?

    I am a male who has been ironing for about 55 years, my mother made me iron my own clothes.I believe sweat wears out clothes more than anything else. I am not a sweater and my clothes seem to last forever. I wash all my clothes at least 45 minutes and most often in cold water except whites. I will wash for 10 to 15 minutes, turn my washer off and let them set sometimes for hours (I often forget) then repeat this a few times. I steam iron on the cotton setting and iron everything but boxers. I have shirts that I have washed and ironed over 50 times and I am still wearing them.When I wash my white T-shirts and socks, I use hot water and a lot of bleach. Bleach has a short shelf life, so you might as well use it. I have been wearing these for years. I also air dry 90% of the time.

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