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  • Quantum Dot LEDs: Making custom color LEDs

    Hi, also another good experiment is to get some EL phosphor (I used old expired powder on Ebay) as this is a lot safer but will not be as spectacularly bright. Ask Gwent, they sometimes have some and so does Dr. Jarek and other suppliers. Look for anything that says "EL phosphor" or "microcircuit materials".. :-) The newer white material can be processed to get just red or green emitters out of it with some careful hackery!

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    Replace your sony ereader screen

    I have to do this because my screen has severe ghosting and is basically unusable (old age maybe)- the new screen looks fine in comparison.Pretty sure that the newer panels are actually superior quality as the image is noticeably sharper and more defined. Hot wire cutter is also feasible with <44 gauge SS wire if you want to salvage the old screen and also less messy.

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  • Amazon Kindle e-ink Screen Transplant from a Sony Reader

    The easy way to avoid troublesome filing of metal and excess thickness is to buy just the EPD glass which can be had for about £15 apiece. The old metal can be separated from the broken glass using hot 44 gauge wire (couple of 9V batteries + some tension) and the new screen simply glued in place with double sided tape.

    Re. ghosting, the fix for that is to use a panel with a similar -1.xx voltage to the old one. Its actually easy to do if you have a number of spare panels for another project, +/- 0.02 works then simply adjust the trimpot for best picture with least ghosting.

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