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Very interesting facts.. Well written :)

Sounds good. thanks for share.

rajeevcool7556 months ago

Nice work bro. Thanks for following me.

I like carpenter stuffs. Thanks for following me.

Shankari15626 months ago

Very innovative stuffs to me... Thanks for a nice one.

jthomson30006 months ago

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Pantheranat206 months ago

Cool stuffs... Thanks for sharing!

JaavarSingh6 months ago

Yes its fun making something new.

hunter99911 months ago

Thanks for following me! I appreciate it more than words can describe :-) Have an awesome day! :D

Thank you for following me :)
Thank you so much for following me!
Have a great day :)
your welcome and thank you also.
BrittLiv4 years ago
Hi, thanks a lot for the patch. I had a look at your instructables, the fire place is amazing!
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  BrittLiv4 years ago
Thank you . Enjoy making things work that dont , anything i can think of to make that doesnt work good i like to make it better. I m really proud of my mantis weedeater. I get upset when i dont get alot of views lol.How can i get more people to look at them? Ihave a few more ideas for instructables coming up soon so keep a eye out for me k .Thanks for the compliment. Jim
I've seen a couple of your projects now, Coolbeans, and I've asked my husband of he'd watch them and see if he could do one or two of them for our hobby farm. He belongs to a 'Man-club' that meets every Wed. evening in some guy's wood shop - he'll probably bring the Instructibles up, there, too!