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IN your "Make a website" instructable there are two things that i think you should add.
1. Quackit.com: a great site that makes it really easy to learn html, php, coldfusion, and databasing.
2. byethost.com: amazing free host, 5.5 gigs of space, 25 gigs of bandwidth per month, large 8 meg file size limit, i found that its better than most paid hosts.
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Mepain9 years ago
hey, im working on a chain gun, no, im not copying KILLERK's gun, im just saying that im working on a prototype chain gun. there will be no fireing pin built into the gun, and probobly no trigger either, but, like i said, it's a prototype. it will probobly work like the first machineguns, when you crank a wheel, it fires. the idea i have is like a mini- gatling gun, but each barrel will be put on a chain, thus, a chain gun the only problems i can think of are that it would #1, take forever to load, #2, have a weak body, and #3, not soot that far, but then again, its a prototype. atleast it will be, its only an idea in my head right now, and yes, i like commas, a lot, ive counted 25 in this comment, 26 incuding that one, no 27,28,29, great, now i lost what i was going to say, i got caught up in counting commas, dont forget, chaingun ,35,36 lol
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lol young mepain.
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I liked most members when they were new (except me).
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what was that anyway?
Mepain9 years ago
btw ive come up with a sweet machine gun design-NO CHAIN NEEDED!!!!!!! though i havent started building yet, ive got a good idea. if this gun works out, im scraping my chain gun prototype, as this seems much better. it will take a long time and a lot of patience to do this, and since this is such an elabrate desing and so time consuming, it will take a while to catch up to some of my promises on my pistol. other than this comment, this is TOP SECRET. i dont think that i will be saying anything else on the subject
hmm that was a year ago so... did it work?
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