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  • cricachat commented on Darthorso's instructable Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap1 year ago
    Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

    I am living ONE kilometer from the Po river, in the Parma region ! I'm pretty sure I have EVEN MORE mosquitoes than you do ! :-)We use a bottled gas device that we rent every summer that also attracts mosquitoes thanks to CO2 but it also releases pheromones that attracts female mosquitoes in order to decrease the global population. It doesn't attract other insects (butterflies, etc) which is nice and has no chemicals that kill the insects. It just attracts them thanks to the hormones and captures them in a net so that they can't get out anymore. Works quite well but of course you can never get rid of the billions of mosquitoes around. and it's quite expensive... so I'll give your trap a try !

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