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asogywaffle6 years ago
I was wondering if it is normal for the trigger mechanism to slowly leak air           when making it i couldn't find the same sprinkler as you, should it matter cause its a lot alike?
crispyjones (author)  asogywaffle6 years ago
No, it shouldn't leak air.  Spudfiles.com has a lot of information about all sorts of valves, they might have one about the one you bought, http://www.spudfiles.com/forums/modding-a-sprinkler-valve-t305.html.  The best way to find leaks is to dunk the whole assembly in a bucket of water and see where the bubbles are coming from.
k thanks for the water idea and ill have to get a different system but now i just wish that i didn't thread lock it on. Good thing i could only buy the PVC by 10 feet other wise I'd by screwed.

Okay, this may sound like a bit of a weird request... This is most definately not spam or anything.

I'm a university student in Vancouver studying interaction design at Simon Fraser University. For a final project in my interactive objects and environments class my team and I are designing a series of critical design objects with the intent of promoting discussion on the practices of major record labels. 

Part of one of these involves a net gun for capturing talent. We were hoping to modify your design in a way that may not be physically possible with the materials we currently have, and we were wondering if we could somehow get the solidworks file you show in your tutorial. We'll give you full credit and show you the end result!

You can drop me a line at
acg2 [at] sfu [dot] com

Thanks alot,
Adam Greenberg
crispyjones (author)  adamcgreenberg6 years ago
I made all of those drawings in Google Sketchup.  I have never used Solidworks so I don't know if the files will be useful to you.  I don't really think of them as blueprints, they're not CAD drawings that something could be machined from.  If you just want them to export images from different angles (what I used them for in the instructable) that would be fine.  I am interested
in the modifications you'd like to make, let me know if you want to
run any ideas by me.

I tried sending you an email with the sketchup file attached but it was kicked back as undeliverable.  Perhaps the file attachment was too large.
Cool, Sketchup would be just as useful! We would be using them to generate representations like you did in the instructable. In terms of the modifications I can send you some sketches of a use scenario. Would you be able to upload the files to rapidshare or something like that?

crispyjones (author)  adamcgreenberg6 years ago
Here is the link http://drop.io/av3zce05584.  Let me know if it works for you.