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techno guy4 years ago
Thanks for subscribing. You have picked the best account to subscribe to. I am awesome and crazy and in my 'ible, Free Energy Generators, yes I did build and test each generator individually.
crockman1 (author)  techno guy4 years ago
check my techno on my channel! : 
crockman1 (author)  techno guy4 years ago
sure thing if they really work, i want to build one, if, you think im mad scientist enough!!!!!
They really work, you should make one, but they are not very practical though. All you can do is light up led's or charge up single batteries in a period of like 2 days.
crockman1 (author)  techno guy4 years ago
cost free electricity, beat the monopoly!
solar thermal generator-backpack power station revised final.bmp
When are you gonna make and show how to make those "uzi" straws? :D
crockman1 (author)  WeaponMaker965 years ago
i made it now check out my uzi strawz just google it or search it on the site
crockman1 (author)  WeaponMaker965 years ago
im gonna make it this week check out "automatic airsoft blowgun" its the less advanced version.
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