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hey check out my skateboarding group!

KILLERK. Teacher, maybe you DO like K'nex but I've seen him post that on people who barely knows k'nex.
oh, i did? sorry..... i was kinda sleepy and drunk back then....
why the heck did u post that comment as a reply to me then???
Dude, I've seen your comments, and you make good guns, but maybe some people are bothered by your comments, and some of the people you commented probably doesn't even LIKE K'nex ( I was reffering to KILLERK )
are you talking to me or killerk??
Check out my gun made w/ K’nex watch the vid on step#18 2 c it shoot my sniper rod 200ft. this children’s toy is no longer a toy search keyword Knex Gun
NEW REDESIGNED RAM a vid will be up in the next couple of days to demonstrate how to load the ram w/ rubber bands and operate also a SNEAK PEAK at my SNIPER BULLET in action! check it out! thanks, spread the good news