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  • Hottub / Pool Controller  Web interface

    Second question is: any way you include date stamp for the schedule of the I/Os? I think currently it is limited to hours and minutes. Reason for me asking is - I have a hot tub on a remote island and I am renting out the home on Airbnb. We are already using a smart lock which is hooked up with Airbnb (August). Idea would be to warm up the hot tub remotely for days when guests are arriving. Any chance we can hook up your controller with Apple Home Kit? Thanks so much,Chris

    Hi Rickie, first of all thanks so much for this posting. I have a couple of questions:- I see you have an API option - what is its purpose? Can you move the Webserver to the cloud so you don't have to be logging onto the local Webserver (I.e. When not at home)?

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