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  • Ink Removal From Soda Cans

    Yes, but depending upon your pronunciation, the "proper" grammar in sentence structure changes with words like "Historic." When the H is pronounced, it is correct to say "A historic event." When the H is silent, it becomes "An historic event" (Pronounced "An iss-tor-ic event.")Or at least that's what my english professor cousin tells me.(Not my cousin) Back in grade school, I say "OK teacher... I before E except after C... So how do you explain the word Science?" to receive an answer that "Science" isn't an English word.Though how can UK win Football? They're using a Soccer ball! (ha ha ha)

    But I like chips with my sandwich. I don't want "Crisps" with my sandwich.

    Actually, seeing your post makes me think of the one single annoyance I have with the design of measures... Ounces. It's volume and weight and depending upon where your cooking recipes come from, it's not always clear which they mean. 4oz water. Probably volume. 4oz lard. Maybe weight. 4oz shredded cheese... Um... Well... I've encountered some that mean volume and some that mean weight. The larger the number, the more detrimental the quantity discrepancy.

    It could be worse. We could still be using Cubits, which isn't a fixed length. I can imaging the conversation now... Speaking to your 12yr old... "Go fetch me the 20 cubit extension cord." Of course the term "Mile" still causes problems depending upon where you are. "How far away is that highway overpass? About a mile. Then on your boat, how far away from land are we? A mile you say? That's not the same distance as the sign on the highway. And so on.

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