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  • cue.cello commented on 32Tudor's instructable How to fix cloudy headlights2 years ago
    How to fix cloudy headlights

    i would try giving them a good waxing first. I have used a real good marine wax on my lights and was amazed at how clear they were. the wax I used will bring back dead paint . if the wax isn't marine grade it won't last a month. now I try to remember to just wax them a couple times a year. if you have to sand them water water water and more water I'm out of wax and I'm not driving to the marina till spring sorry can't remember the name

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  • cue.cello commented on richard62's instructable Make the best tweezers around2 years ago
    Make the best tweezers around

    thanks for posting rich as for grammer police go join another site. or hang out with my old English teachers I'm sure they have some litter boxes you can clean for them.

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