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  • cycnus commented on RGBFreak's instructable DIY | Ambilight using Arduino Nano5 months ago
    DIY | Ambilight using Arduino Nano

    There are a few issues with the Arduino code. As it stands it will only support 85 LEDs max. You need to change the following lines:uint8_t led_counter = 0;uint8_t byte_counter = 0;to:int led_counter = 0;int byte_counter = 0;

    See my answer above if you want higher count of LEDs than 85.Be careful though, the higher the number of LEDs, the more time it takes to update them and the more processing power it takes to prepare data for them. This may use a fair amount of CPU. It also takes a lot of current to power so many LEDs. At 344 LEDs for your screen, you will need at last a 75W power supply.

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