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canucksgirl4 years ago
Thanks for the follow. :)

I really like the greenhouse. And I gotta remember your bug bite salve for summer time. We get some really nasty mosquitos!!! (More like fighter jets actually). :p
d2j5 (author)  canucksgirl4 years ago
no problem, and thanks for following too :)
Dr. Pepper5 years ago
Thanks for subscribing!
d2j5 (author)  Dr. Pepper5 years ago
sure no problem
Dr. Pepper d2j55 years ago
Thanks, by the way The instructable is awesome! I rated 5 stars!
d2j5 (author)  Dr. Pepper5 years ago
you really like it? it just kinda came to me one day and i never got around to making it.
Dr. Pepper d2j55 years ago
Yeah it's awesome! I'm sorry to ask but did you label the *best answer* yet?
d2j5 (author)  Dr. Pepper5 years ago
yeah i did, i also made a slide show of my greenhouse if you are interested
Dr. Pepper d2j55 years ago
I saw it and it was awesome!