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teebee9189 years ago
The one with analog sticks is needed mostly. The other on is only for the trigger buttons used as fret buttons. You can use any kind of buttons for that, so you won't need the other PS pad.
Of course you can! I I just happened to have that unneeded controller at home and it came in handy! It doesn't matter what kind of buttons you use! Just make sure they are easy to press and comfortable.
crestind9 years ago
No problem, I'm glad to help. You might be disappointed, but that's what the mode change is supposed to do. It stops the trigger from dropping, thus allowing the user to pull the pin repeatedly without having to pull the trigger to discharge. This would be the rapidfire mode. The other would be single shots. So you figured out how the trigger works? It just takes a little thought.
Mepain9 years ago
check out this forum topic, posted by yours truly. i wanted to see some of the things tha will be posted. of corse, im not going to tell you about whats in it, you'll just have to go and see for yourself!

crestind9 years ago
Hey. 1. See if the barrel is bent 2. See if the pieces are bent 3. What type of rubber band are you using? I have discovered that regulars don't work well. If you do use regulars, use about 10 and wrap them somewhere that will stretch them out before the firing pin is pulled back 4. Try the mods on the last step to improve performance. As I told fobblewabble "I guess the next time you buy broccoli, save the rubber band. Eat your veggies. Otherwise, try attaching the rubber bands to somewhere so they are stretched already so when they pull back they will provide enough force. Try the mods on the last step as well." Hmm. I will try to redeisign this gun so that it works better with regular rubber bands, seeing as there are many problems with performance. This possible new 4th generation model will be improved. The current is the 3rd generation model.
crestind9 years ago
please do post your knex guns, especially if there are any actual pump-action ones