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  • d_Mike commented on mikey77's instructable Make Conductive Glue and Glue a Circuit3 weeks ago
    Make Conductive Glue and Glue a Circuit

    Am wondering if I can replace a welded-in internal GPS battery with thisconductive glue. I'd peel off the welded-on anode and cathode tabs andglue in the new battery. It would be much easier than removing themotherboard and trying to unsolder/remove the old battery and solder-in the newbattery. Battery is 3v. Any thoughts? This battery (link below) has the tabs welded on already (it's like the onein my GPS that went bad). I would buy a new battery without the welded-ontabs.http://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Panasonic-VL1220-VL-1220-Rechargeable-CMOS-Battery-w-TAG-RTC-Bios-Backup-/400306244178?hash=item5d341c8a52:g:wtoAAOSw4GVYU1Wa

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