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  • Personal First Aid Kit for Hostile Environments

    A great portable solution for burn treatment is soy sauce packets. I know it sounds weird but I swear it works. I came across the idea listening to a local medical call-in radio show. An active duty green beret called in and said they use it in the field for impromptu burn treatment. I thought the idea strange but tried it upon the first opportunity. Lo and behold it works. My wife had some grease splatter on her pretty bad while cooking. I immediately soaked some paper towels in soy sauce and applied to the affected areas. The longer you apply the better. The next day there were no visible burns. This has worked for me multiple times.

    Soak rag, paper towel, gauze, etc. and apply directly to affected area immediately. It soothes the burn and greatly reduces swelling/blistering afterwards. Of course ice and cold water help but I know that's not always available in the field. On the home front though I have found the very best results with complete immersion (if possible) in soy sauce and ice. This is mostly only possible with the smaller extremities i.e. hands/fingers and feet/toes. Otherwise use an ice pack on top of soy sauce bandage.

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