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  • dalbright1 commented on Mikekav66's instructable Frontier Stove from gas bottle3 months ago
    Frontier Stove from gas bottle

    You can run 7018 on ac not recommended in data sheet but there is a 7018AC rod. I would stay away from 60 series rods for something like this although the tensile strength rating is high i have found they are a very brittle weld in comparison and with all the expansion and contraction i would stick to 7018 they run nice too.

    And for DC 7018 hands down.

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  • dalbright1 commented on ShiftyTips's instructable DIY Wood Veneer Light12 months ago
    DIY Wood Veneer Light

    I was thinking the same thing. Some angles or radius shapes maybe. I used to be a professional woodworker for about 12 years and I loved working with veneer also cool project.

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