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    How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance

    No, we tend to be very careful on brakes. Heavy acceleration and braking is a good way to injure your partner in the back. And get sued by a patient. We very often need to work unbelted to move around while underway. I have had drivers slam on brakes to avoid collision and gone flying literally from the back of the rig to being slammed against the doghouse in the cab.Points to consider with used rigs. Remember that every ambulance is custom built for a service. Little to no standardization.Transmissions: Late model Fords particularly. They take a beating and are a weak point on any ambulance. Engines: diesels are nice, but again, they take a beating. They go from cold to flat out in mere seconds. No warmup idling. Most chassis makers are switching back to gas for van types. Diesels will still be available for truck type chassis for foreseeable future.Electrical: These are complicated systems with 12VDC to 120VAC converters in a mixed environment. Much of it is computer controlled and expensive to replace. The wiring is often deeply hidden and difficult to access. Without schematics, they are near impossible to fix. Make sure you get them.Look for small city owned ambulances. They tend to low mileage despite age and get consistent timely repair. Private services tend to scrimp and delay service work due to cost.

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