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  • daleink commented on Renard_Bleu's instructable Clear Snow the Laziest Way Imaginable10 months ago
    Clear Snow the Laziest Way Imaginable

    I tried something similar with my wife's minivan. Backed it in the driveway, then put a 12' x 16' tarp on top tucking in the front on the 2 doors, then draping it over the back with 2 heavy weighted bags to keep it from blowing away. After the storm, I cleaned out in front of the van, then dusted off the doors and pulled out the sections of tarp and started up the van. Just drove it out slowly and all of the snow came off w/the tarp. Will try and do an Instructable next snowstorm. It was a real time saver, especially cleaning off the top of the van which is a law to do in my state.

    Thanks, but it's a 2006 Dodge Caravan. If I cared about every scratch on it, I wouldn't have tried it. It didn't add anything more to the process than a soft broom would have. Clean up was the same.

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