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  • dalekmoore2007 commented on Chip Fixes's instructable How to Build a Slayer Exciter2 years ago
    How to Build a Slayer Exciter

    I hate bread boarding solder the thing together !

    You need to try a simple circuit and learn from mistakes

    They are the same just made by a different plant more than likely in china

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  • building the poor-mans mini tesla coil ( slayer exciter)

    I just started on my circuit i have failed at the 2 gos so far but its not your circuit but another similar ....i was thinking perhaps it might be a good idea to have the resistor to be a pot instead since every one seems to want to try other transistors ..Never tried some thing like this before i tended to always use a fly back transformer but this is more interesting since your making the coil.I am reading all the problems some people are having and i am glad it is not easy to make one of these you need to be patient and learn from mistakes never learn a thing it it works ; {

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