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hiya.. i'm stuck with a project la.. it on "assessing the role of multimedia application in IT security" can you plz help..-provide me with some notes.. ze search engines does not give the exact information.. thnks
coolz8 years ago
who do you work for?
damasta (author)  coolz8 years ago
myself I'm still in school
coolz damasta8 years ago
how do you know hacks then?
damasta (author)  coolz8 years ago
practice, practice and practice I just try things and see if they work
coolz damasta8 years ago
like, on a test computer? cuz, some stuff can damage the computer
damasta (author)  coolz8 years ago
my school was throwing away pc's and I asked to keep one on the network
coolz damasta8 years ago
what os?
damasta (author)  coolz8 years ago
server edition 2003
tell me how 2 shut down a computer remotely, via PM
coolz damasta8 years ago
so how would you shut down a computer by remote control

======please PM me so nobody else knows======
CelloMan8 years ago
you are just the hacker aren't you
damasta (author)  CelloMan8 years ago
what do you mean with "i'm just the hacker" I'm a hacker (though most hackers would just call me a scriptkiddie, whatever) but "the" hacker is too much honor