• 4 Ways to Connect a Wire Without Soldering

    No cities have burned, but individual premises and their occupants have, and any electrician who simply tapes cables is not an electrician, and connectors aren't just useful, they are vital to all electrical work. Just as an update as you seem somewhat out of date on current regulations and practice, wago style clips are actually certified for much longer than any other thread themed connector (current City and Guilds) the rule is, anything that tamps down with a threaded screw/cap etc, will eventually come loose due to vibration which effects all installations , and this, is based on the last 100 years of, math, fires, deaths, electrocutions and an ever improving set of regulations and laws, Taping wires together causes fires there is no other way to explain it. We've had a hundred years of shoddy practice, so unless you're going to get it right, then don't try. Just because it hasn't killed you, it may well still kill someone else long after you have (half) finished the job.

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  • damianm39 commented on icecats's instructable 4 Ways to Connect a Wire Without Soldering3 months ago
    4 Ways to Connect a Wire Without Soldering

    Trying to be nice but needing to be stern and frank, these are ALL very dangerous and you need either wago clips (other brands available), or at the very least screw down terminal strips. If you are going to get items for connecting wires from the shop, like glue guns etc, then why not buy the above mentioned items. Look, I'll attach pictures of them before you electrocute yourselves... This stuff just isn't acceptable guys. And I'm being nice here because electricity kills and I don't want you to die. Sorry but it's true.

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