I am the founder and director of the Route 66 Ranch in Oro Grande, CA. We built a faux 'city block' on the front of our 60 x 90 building--it's called CITY OF STUPIDVILLE! I'm the 'mayor'
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    100W LED in PVC Flashlight

    oh duh I forgot my contact info> captaindandan@msn.com (Hesperia, CA 92345-3466, USA)

    My son & I want to build a custom TOY ray-gun RIFLE. This flashlight is a start but I was wondering how to have a light in the body of the RIFLE BLINKING and another light in the end of the RIFLE also blinking.? Would you be able to help us with a project like this .?

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    Some of my plasma speakers

    So they got the 'plasma frequency modulator & oscillator' working. BFD = it sounds worse than the transistor radios of the 1950's !! bad sound = no sale.

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    The Plasma Speaker

    "Here's a video of the arcs."Click on play and get "THIS VIDEO IS PRIVATE" = B.S. WHY even have this on the pages?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=c9hkcDjotWk

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    Simple Sequencer

    Dear Sir: You have a mighty fine product there !!Q1: How much (ballpark) did you spend on parts? Q2: How long did it take you to put this together??I have epilepsy and can no longer work on small soldering projects; Would you be interested in building one and I pay for all parts and pay you double the minimun wage $8.50 x 2 = $17/hour to do the work?Thank you. Have a blessed Merry CHRIST-mas. captaindandandan@gmail.comHesperia, CA 92345

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