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  • daniel8a commented on SillyInventor's instructable How To Make a DIY Force Plate1 year ago
    How To Make a DIY Force Plate

    Hello! Im froma Argentina and Im new on this too. I would like to ask you. if you could give a little more details about the components. Im trying to start the construction of the plate and I have to buy the components. And as Im not an electronics expert (just an sports science student) Im having some troubles choicing the resistor, for example: I can see there 22kohm resistors of 0.25w or 3. Same problem with de op amps (which specs are the most important to have in mind when you are buying).Im sorry for all this cuestions. I apologize, because Im have almost no knowledge of electronics, but I have a big Illusion of building this plate.All the helpness you can give is going to be a bless for me.Thanks a lot.Daniel.

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