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madshotgun7 years ago
Its a bit sad no affence knex and xbox 360 all in one
danymw (author)  madshotgun7 years ago
you mean 'buy a xbox360 with some knex parts' ?
chopstx danymw6 years ago

knexbox 360!

Nice one!
Lol thanks.
GTRPLR19956 years ago
I like your buggy.
KnexFreek6 years ago
why did you remove the instructions for the buggy with independent suspension and steering?
danymw (author)  CRAZYCREATOR1877 years ago
i did not post any instructions. do you want me to work on it and post the whole buggy as instructable?
don't worry about it, only do it if you want.
madshotgun7 years ago
ye i think it good idea now
madshotgun7 years ago
the ball is ok it was a good make
danymw (author) 8 years ago
it's cool,you don't have to spend your games money on a official steering wheel,build it and customize it!