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  • darksquire commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for Vaseline1 year ago
    Unusual Uses for Vaseline

    As one of those crazy prepper types, I melt PJ and dip cotton balls in it. Wrap the cotton in a small piece of aluminum foil, take a pill bottle or film canister filled with straw or dry grass, top it off with your foil wrapped ball, and you've got a great wet weather fire starter for your pack or bug out bag.

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  • darksquire commented on stvnishere's instructable The pocket grill2 years ago
    The pocket grill

    I'm teaching four classes this weekend on building survival shelters. Just finished making one of these. Nice addition to my shelter class. I'll be giving the one I made away since I have the materials to make about six more. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

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