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Sept. 12, 2016
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  • Restore Painted Letters on Keyboard Keys

    Well by pressing on key with a finger pressure, heat, humidity from the air and the "acid" of the perspiration of the fingers, believe me, the top fold of the P-touch labels will slowly but surely go away, letting a sticky surface on the key. You get the "letter" label (which has move on the key) still on the key but the clear fold get away.I just finish renewing my laptop keyboard with printed letters with clear nail polish... Superb ! I will see how long it will last.And by the way I customized some keys, by erasing some symbols I never use, or by erasing the second language text on some keys.Clean keys with alcohol, put some polish on the key, adjust printed letter on the key, recover the all with a layer of polish.I will probably put a second layer of polish tomorrow.So a big big thank you for your tip !I posted a picture of my renewed keyboard. Some key are not dry enough but I get my "I" "E" "S" back !

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  • Restore Painted Letters on Keyboard Keys

    Well I did it with the P-touch I use at work, but the label is composed of 2 folds and after a while the top fold get away and you get sticky keys. I will try the clear nail polish with the printed letter on the Text Processor.

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