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  • dcp123 commented on Darthorso's instructable Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap2 weeks ago
    Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

    Thanks for doing the research I was too lazy to do. My prior understanding and experience with mosquito attacks near breeding locations is more consistent with few ranging more than 150 meters, but I have done no reliable studies and as your research indicates, it would not be at all surprising if their range of travel varied hugely. Also, as you point out, if some one is in the area of a massive mosquito source localized trapping will be less effective than if they have small sources nearby.

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  • dcp123 commented on Darthorso's instructable Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap3 weeks ago
    Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

    I could be wrong, but I don't think that's entirely correct. It is my impression that most mosquitoes don't travel far from where they hatch. If I'm right about that, you should be able to reduce the local population density around your house.

    Yeah, no. Mosquitoes are not attracted to miniscule quantities of carbon dioxide from hundreds of yards away. There are many other sources of carbon dioxide in even the smallest yard. The hope with this trap is that by being a somewhat concentrated source, you can attarct the mosquitoes in the immediate area to a place that they cannot escape from.

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  • dcp123 commented on inclined-orbit's instructable Raspberry Pi Infrared Game Camera11 months ago
    Raspberry Pi Infrared Game Camera

    About what do you think is the peak current demand of the whole project? I'm wondering if I could power the whole thing using 4 wires in a long ethernet cable to all carry say DC +18V with the - going to ground (or vice-versa) and a step-down transformer for the parts needing lower voltage. Alternatively, maybe I could use something like that to charge a battery that could power the device during peak demand (filming with spotlight).The places I'd want to put the camera are all pretty far from my house (maybe 200') and I'm not comfortable leaving AC 120 running that far for long periods.

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  • dcp123 commented on KifS's instructable Arduino Wildlife Night Camera11 months ago
    Arduino Wildlife Night Camera

    I'm not going to build this. I only came here to see if you actually got that cool picture of a bobcat with your camera. I am very jealous.If I set up a camera like this, I'd get cows, deer, coyotes, more cows, maybe an owl, etc., but I'd be amazed if I got a bobcat. Absolute best I'd hope for would be a fox.

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