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  • dddddd commented on ClanMan's instructable Solar Water Heater for Pool8 months ago
    Solar Water Heater for Pool

    Cheap and fast. It's amazing how high energy costs make solar energy attractive.That ABS pipe is foam-core. It's probably not much a problem, but solid pipe, like PVC, would give you a better watts per square meter per second heating rate. ABS is also not rated for any kind of pressure (it's DWV, Drain Waste Vent pipe). PVC, perhaps painted black, probably would have been a better choice. There's a temperature derating, too, and it's possible that the water in your ABS is reaching a hundred fahrenheit.Keep an eye out for pipe rupture in the future, on hot days. You might put a cheap pressure switch on that length of pipe, so if you crack it you won't pump you pool out onto your roof.

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