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gunk865 years ago
hi nice to meet belive it or not i used to thin this stuff was just for nerds and i am trying my hardest to  becoime one so if you got any more advice on repairing computers and what not and how to right software i would greatly appreciate it. also kaminski.michaelrocketmailcom
animan15 years ago
hey do you no how to add chea codes on game maker? if not then i can tell you
kizaruke6 years ago
Are you still planning on making the online and 3-d game making guides? you other one was cool.
dean-101 (author)  kizaruke6 years ago
not sure i have not been using game maker so much , but if i do i will let you know =-D
N4TH4N6 years ago
yo yo yo dean my buddie wats happnin