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Nov. 20, 2008
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  • How to Make a Kite String Winder from 2x4 Scraps

    What is the purpose of the two shorter dowels? These usually are made with just the handle dowels.

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  • A Spiral Rainbow Kite Tail from Scratch

    Very entertaining instructable. I once got 3 long, narrow triangles of red, white and blue ripstop from a sailmaker's scrap bin and made a spiral tail like yours. It had an 8 in. opening and a 1 inch trailing opening so it inflated well but didn't spin til I cut 3 slightly cupped blade shapes from the shoulder of a gallon milk jug, pierced 2 holes in each and threaded them on the bridle lines. The taper caused the spiral effect to tighten and 'travel' more slowly toward the far end, reminiscent of jet or rocket exhaust. I liked the effect. I added a more conventional flat strip tail to keep the end of the spiral from flopping around. The inflated part was about 15 - 20 ft. long. This tail was used mostly on a red 84 in. delta conyne single line kite. I had the same problem with creases from folding interfering with initial inflation. You came up with a clever remedy for that. I may still have mine somewhere. I've been making kite stuff for 35 years. Time for an inventory. I'm near Kankakee. We may have crossed paths at a kite festival. I recently joined I.K.E.

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  • denbecr commented on cparrapa's instructable Inflatable Kites1 day ago
    Inflatable Kites

    This can be approximated with plastic garbage bags, thin clear painters tarps, Walmart type plastic bags, leaf bags etc. Overlap or align plastic for seams to be welded with a small soldering iron n a flat surface. Place clear wax paper over the area you weld to keep the soldering iron from tearing the plastic. It takes minor practice on scraps to make good continuous strong seams. I made small tubes off the 'to be inflated' areas, just big enough to insert a drinking straw for inflation by mouth. For permanent inflation pinch the tube to keep air in, then roll the tube over a dowel to keep it in while you press a straight edge on the tube just above where you seal it with the soldering iron. Let it cool for a few seconds before you lift the straight edge. You can tie off the excess tube instead. Use the excess as a place to tie tails, spreaders etc. if you plan ahead. My first such kite was an approximately 18 inch tall ventless sled from a dry cleaner's bag. The 2 spars were about 3 in. wide when flat and needed very little inflation pressure to fly just fine. It was the lightest wind flyer I ever saw. It would drift nearly horizontally with only the slightest tension on the button thread I used for flying line. When fully reeled out, it climbed quickly to a good angle and flew just as well as any sled. The welding process scales up well. Play with it a little on scraps of various types and thickness to get an intuitive feel for what you can do.

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  • denbecr commented on Sentient Meat's instructable Match Sticks Architecture2 months ago
    Match Sticks Architecture

    There is much more fun to be had with the heads you cut off.

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